Entry #9


2009-10-31 22:11:42 by aaron45

i'm an art worker it so cool



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2009-10-31 22:26:16

if what you have up is the extent of your skill then please do the following.
Put out a large piece of paper or canvas, your choice, and then put your foot on it.

you following me kid.

ok good

next you take a pistol or rifle, again your choice, and then blow your foot off and bleed on to the paper or canvas, take a photo and post that.

not only would that be much better and more interesting than the crap you have up now, at least you would have put forth some effort.


2009-10-31 22:39:52

Better than Picasso. BY FAR.


2009-10-31 22:48:43

This should be in a museum.